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BOTC / Bermuda Passport Application Form (TCG)

To Be Completed by the Applicant 

Full Name as it appears in your passport (First, Middle & Last Names):*


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Maiden Name:

Applicant Date of Birth:

Request Type:*

Passport Type:

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Passport Number:

Email Address*

Full Residential Address (include number, street and postal code):

Town of Birth:

Country of Birth:

Contact No. 1 / Mobile: *

Contact No. 2/ Alternate:

Name of Counter Signatory:*

Email Address of Counter Signatory:

Job / Occupation of Counter Signatory:

Address of Counter Signatory:

Certificate of Registration / Naturalisation No., if applicable:

Date of Issue:

Any other details that we should know as we prepare your passport application:*

Resources / Links 

BOTC Passport Renewal Application

Third Party Mandate


Fees for Adult:             $179.00

TCG Assistance Fee:  $250.00 / Total $429.00

Passport Renewals will take 12 - 16 weeks given pandemic related staffing shortages at the Bermuda Department of Immigration and the UK Passport Office.   Processing times are outside of the control of

Please submit requirements 

1. Page 2 and 4 with original applicant and countersignatory signatures.  Please use only black ink and you must sign within the box.   Or it will be returned by the Department of Immigration. 

2. 3 passport pictures

3. Your expired passport 

4. Total Fees:   $429.00

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