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CAD Visa - Requirements:

  • CAD Visa Questionaire (please complete below) 
  • Original valid passport
  • All previous passports
  • Family Information Form 
  • Study Permit Application  Form 
  • Original Bermuda Work Permit Card (must be a valid, unexpired work permit)
  • Employment Certificate (on company letterhead)
  • Bank Statements (3-6 months) demonstrating financial ability to travel
  • Sponsor Letter - CAD Person (if applicable)
  • Evidence of relationship with sponsor, if applicable
  • Intended travel Itinerary (TCG can assist)


  • CAD Biometrics Fee: $
  • Visitor / 6 mos $
  • 2 Year $
  • 5 Year $
  • 10 Year $
  • TCG Assistance Fee:   $400.00
CAD - Family Information Form 

Thanks for submitting!

I am applying for a: *

CAD Study Permit


Date of birth

What is your full name, as shown in your current passport or travel document?*

Gender / Sex*

Select an option

Relationship status

Select an option

Country of birth

Country of Nationality

Email Address*

Are you now or have you ever been known by another name?*

Select an option

If yes, what is your other full name?

What is your complete current address?*

How long have you lived at this address?*

Select an option

Passport no. or travel document no

Place of issue ( city or province)

Issue date

Expiry date

Do you have another passport or travel document? If yes, provide passport no., place where issued, issue date and expiration date for all old / expired passports

If you hold another passport, the passport is for which country?

What permission do you have in Bermuda? (Check all that apply)

What is your employment status? (Check all that apply)

If employed, what is your employer's name (the company name)?

Employers address - town/ city , province / state / postal code/ country

Employer's tel . no

Date you started working for this employer

Your job title

How much do you earn each month after tax? Indicate currency

Describe your job

Do you have another income or any savings?

Select an option

For other regular income - What kind of other regular income do you have?

For savings - How much money do you have in savings ? Indicate currency.

How much money are you planning to spend on your visit to the US?

What is the total amount of money you spend each month? ( for cost of living , money given to dependents, etc.)

Will anyone be paying towards the cost of your visit?

You must give your planned dates of travel o the US. This does not mean your visa will only be valid for these dates.

Date you will leave the US

What is the main reason for your visit to the US?

Select an option

Give details of the main purpose of your visit and anything else you plan to do on your trip

Are there any other persons travelling with you?

Given name , family name of your spouse

Date of birth of your spouse

What is the Nationality of your spouse?

Do they currently live with you?

Select an option

How many times have you visited Canada in the past 10 Years?

Select an option

How many times have you visited New Zealand in the past 10 Years?

Select an option

Have you ever been in the US?

How many times have you visited USA in the past 10 Years?

Select an option

Have you ever been issued a US Visa?*

If Yes, Date Visa Issued:

If Yes, Date of visa expiration:

If Yes, What is your visa number?

Has your US visa ever been lost or stolen?

Has your US Visa ever been cancelled or revoked?

Has you ever been refused a US Visa, or been refused admission to the US?

Have you been ten printed?

How many times have you visited Schengen Ares in the past 10 Years?

Select an option

If Schengen area , which country?

Have you ever been involved in , supported or encouraged terrorist activities in any country?

Select an option

Have you, by any means or medium, expressed views that justify or glorify terrorist violence or that may encourage others to commit terrorist or other serious criminal acts?

Select an option

Tell us about work for the following types of organization. Include information for any paid or unpaid or work for the type of organization below. You can select more than one option.

If you needed to add more information about your application but were not able to, you can write it here.

Have you ever been ten printed?

Has anyone ever filed an immigration petition on your behalf with the US?

Do you or did you hold a US Driver's License?

Contact Person Name in the U.S.?

Organization Name in the U.S.?

Relationship to you?

U.S. contact address?

U.S. Contact Phone Number?

U.S. Contact Email Adress?

Father's Surname?

Father's Given Name?

Father's Date of Birth?

Is your father in the U.S.?

Mother's Surname?

Mother's Given Name?

Mother's Date Of Birth?

Is your Mother in the U.S.?

Do you have any immediate relatives, not including parents in the U.S.?

Do you have any other relatives in the U.S?

Have you attended any educational institutions at a secondary level or above?

Name of Institution?

Address of Institution:



Postal Zone/ZIP Code:


Course of Study?

Date of Attendance From:

Date of Attendance To:

Name of Institution (2):

Address of Institution:



Postal Zone/ZIP Code:


Course of Study:

Date of Attendance from?

Date of Attendance to:

Do you belong to a clan or Tribe?

Provide a List of Languages you Speak:


The Catalyst Group Limited 

Call us today @ 295 5533.


Associate POEA agency.




Bermuda / BOTC Passport Questionnaire 


Please answer all questions as we prepare your digital BOTC passport application.

What type of passport are you applying for?*

Please check which applies*

Who is this passport for?*


First and middle names*

Maiden or all previous names

Current Address*



Date of birth*


Town of birth*

Country of birth*

Mobile Phone Number*

Alternative Phone Number

Email Address*

Has the person named had any sort of passport (British or Otherwise) or been included in any passport before?*

If yes, please state passport number(s)

Details of lost or stolen passport

Issued at

In year

Holders surname at the time it was issued

First and middle names

How the passport was lost, or why it is not available

Date of loss

Place of loss

Mother's full name*

Town and country of birth*

Date of birth*

Nationality and citizenship at the time of applicant's birth*

If they have a British Overseas Territories passport give the number

Date of issue

Date of issue

Father's full name*

Town and Country of birth*

Date of birth*

Nationality and citizenship at the time of applicant's birth*

If they have a British Overseas Territories passport give the number

Has the applicant been granted a certificate of registration or naturalization?*

If yes, give date of issue, Certificate number and place of issue

Countersignatury's Full Name

Countersignatory's Email address

How long have they known you, and under what capacity?

Countersignatory's employer and the address they work at


Mobile Phone number

Alternative phone number

Current Passport number

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