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For Employers Only - This 45 min session will provide useful guidance for sourcing and onboarding qualified workers during this difficult labour environment.  The session will provide insight relevant to: 

  • the state of the labour market & the common staffing challenges
  • Finding workers - Where are the workers today?
  • How do we identify "fit" ?
  • Assessing the local market and current government policy 
  • Assessing current immigration policy, processing times and key issues eg. 2 year rule / changing employers, certifications requirements,  dependents as residents and more.
  • Sourcing workers from the Philippines - understanding the  POEA / POLO exit process
  • Overcoming Border Control / Visa Issues 
  • Measuring the impact of the Minimum Wage on 1 June 2023

Course Dates / Times via Online Zoom Webinar /45 mins: 

2 February, 2023

@ 10am 

7 February 2023

@ 3:00pm 



For families seeking or using Caregiver support in this post Covid era. With strict focus on the the recruitment, employment and onboarding issues in managing a Caregiver.

We will examine:

  • Using the FutureCare Personal Care Benefit / How to make application
  • The hiring landscape in Bermuda

  • Live in vs. Live Out? 

  • The recruitment and placement process / work permit processing

  • The Pay / Benefits Package - what does it look like?
  • Employer Obligations eg. Soc Ins, Health, Pension, Travel, Food
  • Agency vs. Direct Hiring : Pros and Cons
  • How much does this all cost? And the timeline?
  • All that a family needs to know to remain compliant
  • Introduction of Caregiver Profiles 

Course Dates / Times via Online Zoom Webinar / 45 mins:

3 February, 2023

@ 10am




This session is the ultimate welcome mat for all new residents / workers to Bermuda.   In easy language, the session will help residents understand: 

  • What you absolutely need to know to live here?  Understanding the social, political and economic environment of Bermuda 
  • the housing market,  finding a roomate and standard tenant and roommate responsibilities
  • the employment act, and standard requirements of employers relevant to benefits such as health insurance, social insurance, pension 
  • What happens when the employee leaves Bermuda? What benefits are transferable. 
  • Understanding the highways, transportation system, and securing a Drivers License and / or lessons 
  • Responsibilities under immigration law and current policy and limitations eg. 2 year rule
  • Introducing your personal infrastructure - understanding the major mobile plan providers and how it works
  • Banking in Bermuda - and how to transmit money back to family - to discuss providers, costs, location and operating hours 
  • How to attain a US, CAD or UK visa
  • 3 hour afternoon tour of the island via Mini Bus to include lunch 
  • Separate Sessions available in Tagalog and Portuguese, per request

Course Dates / Times in Person Sessions followed by Island Tour / Day:

(Sat) 25 February, 2023

(Sat) 25 March 2023

(Sat) 29 April 2023

(Sat) 3 June 2023

@ 9am 

Full day expected given Island Tour

$250 per participant



CAT011 | Who moved the Customer?

                      Customer Service = Guest Experience (Hospitality)

For experienced to new to industry employees of all levels, this session examines the evolved role of customer service within a hospitality environment.   The session will examine today's minimum hospitality standard, customer expectations and the individual accountability for consistent service delivery.     

Each participant will complete a 60 min personality assessment ahead of the session where the results will help shape the content and style of the workshop.   The results ultimately will be shared with Employers to aid ongoing training and development of staff in front end and middle of house roles.    Using real world examples and role play, each participant will come away with a real understanding of what customer service truly means. 

Workshop Objectives - This workshop will help attendees:

  • Understand the difference between customer service and hospitality
  • Understand the move from "Customer Service" to "Guest Experience"  
  • Understanding today's customer and his / her service expectations
  • Supporting a service culture - How to? 
  • The essential components of exceptional experience delivery
  • Service Error to Service Recovery
  • Development of a Personal Customer Service Handbook
  • Importance of Personal Brand 
  • Identification and development of the soft skills needed for hospitality 
  • Review of the 2023 event calendar affecting the industry and the projections as driven by the BTA
  • Examination of individual psychoanalytic testing results and matching work styles and success factors for each personality type.

Course Dates / Time (In Person Sessions) / 4 hours 

23 February, 2023

@ 9am

$349.00 per participant (includes cost of assessment)



This 4 - week English training course helps participants have a more than basic understanding and use of the English language - Bermuda style!   This is a highly interactive English course to help new residents or those who need a refresher gain confidence in their use of basic English.  For hospitality to trades workers, this course will equip attendees with the basics to make for a more confident, and proficient team member.   Money well spent. 

By the end of the course, participants will: 

  • Have a comprehensive introduction to basic conversational English
  • Be able to communicate confidently with patrons, guests and team members 
  • Receive instructions with precision
  • Understand some of the complexities of the English language 
  • Understand the nuances of "Bermudian" English
  • Be able to understand / complete banking applications / forms, Drivers Licenses forms etc.
  • Communicate confidently with patrons, guests and team members. 

Course Dates / Time (In Person Sessions) / 2.5 hours each session

(Sat) 11  Feb 2023

(Sat) 18  Feb 2023

(Sun) 26 Feb 2023

(Sat) 4 March 2023

All sessions 10:00am - 12:30pm

$400 per participant (for all 4 sessions, materials & instruction)

Course size limited to 10 persons.



In this competitive employment landscape, job success is no longer simply a function of paper qualifications or hard skills.   As employers push for optimal productivity from staff teams,  the importance of soft skills, also called emotional intelligence, people skills, or 21st-century skills has been identified as being more important than hard skills in the hiring and / or promotion decision. 


Each participant will complete a 60 min personality assessment ahead of the session where the results will help shape the content and style of the workshop.  The results ultimately will be shared with Employers to aid ongoing training and development of staff in front end and middle of house roles. 

Practical, real world examples and robust role play will help participants understand the impact of soft skills on team cohesion, productivity and ultimately corporate success.   And offer real strategies for the development and refinement of the soft skills required in our robust, post covid work environment. 

Course Dates / Time (In Person Sessions)

24 February, 2023

@ 9am

$349.00 per participant (includes the cost of assessment)




The Science of Managing the Millennial

This workshop will help participants understand the complexities of managing today's workforce which is a mesh of traditionalists, boomers, the millennials, and generations x,y. & z.   Different life experiences, perspectives shape culture, performance and productivity.  Participants will gain a broad understanding of how these forces shape organisational teams and how to effectively manage the complexities.   The course will highlight the management of millennials amidst a culture where everybody gets a trophy, everybody is a winner and everyone wants to be a leader!     Participants will leave with the tools for effective management of a multigenerational workforce, enabling each person to become a better manager, or team leader or co worker. 

This workshop will managers understand and develop strategies for team motivation, recognition, rewards and promotion with an  appreciation that today, we work to live!   

Workshop Objectives:  This workshop will help attendees  -

  • Understand the different belief systems across each generation type and the impact on workplace cohesion and productivity
  • Understand effective management styles & reward systems across generation types
  • effectively manage conflict when it arises 
  • Develop training and development strategies that fit 
  • Develop recognition / promotion strategies that motivate

Course Dates / Time (In Person Session):

21 February, 2023

@ 9am

$349.00 per participant



While a training program on workplace manners and courtesy may seem like overkill, the reality is: rudeness is an epidemic costing industry millions a year. Indeed, what society seems to be gaining in terms of both knowledge and technological advancement, it’s losing out on basic social values that directly impact the bottom line.

To address the growing problem of incivility in the work setting, this workshop introduces the concept of civility, its importance to a company, as well as its typical causes and effects. Skills needed to effectively practice civil behavior, as well as different ways organizations can systematize civility in the workplace, will also be discussed. The benefits to Civility In The Workplace are countless and will pay off immensely in every aspect of the workplace.

Course Dates / Time (In Person Session):

28 February, 2023

@ 9am

$349 per participant



Its 2023 and our workplaces have never been more diverse.    This course will help an organization and its people understand and enjoy the benefits of a more diverse and inclusive workplace which captures people of different races, gender, ethnic groups, age, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship, mental and physical conditions as well as other distinct differences between people. 

Using self reflective tools, each participant will enhance his appreciation of the differences between individuals in an organization, how we amend or change perceptions and ultimately use these differences to enhance team productivity and ultimately the bottom line. 

The session will examine the management practices that support an inclusionary work environment and help decision makers, managers and supervisors understand the expectations of today's workforce. 

To be scheduled for March Schedule. 


Jobs search and skills strategy workshop

This 4 - hour workshop will equip jobseekers with the tools and real world strategies to find and keep a job in 2023.   Using personality / suitability analytics, workshop members will understand fully the types of job he / she is best suited for.   How to build a better resume and cover letter to land the job?  How to develop leads?    How to comfortably network?   Understanding recruitment & interview etiquette.   

Workshop Objectives:

  • The Future of Work - understanding the employment landscape
  • Personality / suitability psychoanalytic testing 
  • Job & Personality Matching :  wants vs. sustainability
  • Constructing a resume that works; focus on can - do rather than have - done
  • Develop and present a portfolio of your prior work
  • The importance / type of credible references 
  • Effective interview strategies for in person vs. zoom interview (incl role play)
  • Becoming an authentic networker
  • Avoiding the redundancy list

To be scheduled for March schedule.   

Catalyst Consulting provides a full range of HR, Recruitment & Immigration support.     Focused on the skilled trades, Catalyst connects candidates with opportunities.   Go to our Jobs page for a listing of currently available jobs.  To apply, send a resume to


Bermuda / BOTC Passport Questionnaire 


Please answer all questions as we prepare your digital BOTC passport application.

What type of passport are you applying for?*

Please check which applies*

Who is this passport for?*


First and middle names*

Maiden or all previous names

Current Address*



Date of birth*


Town of birth*

Country of birth*

Mobile Phone Number*

Alternative Phone Number

Email Address*

Has the person named had any sort of passport (British or Otherwise) or been included in any passport before?*

If yes, please state passport number(s)

Details of lost or stolen passport

Issued at

In year

Holders surname at the time it was issued

First and middle names

How the passport was lost, or why it is not available

Date of loss

Place of loss

Mother's full name*

Town and country of birth*

Date of birth*

Nationality and citizenship at the time of applicant's birth*

If they have a British Overseas Territories passport give the number

Date of issue

Date of issue

Father's full name*

Town and Country of birth*

Date of birth*

Nationality and citizenship at the time of applicant's birth*

If they have a British Overseas Territories passport give the number

Has the applicant been granted a certificate of registration or naturalization?*

If yes, give date of issue, Certificate number and place of issue

Countersignatury's Full Name

Countersignatory's Email address

How long have they known you, and under what capacity?

Countersignatory's employer and the address they work at


Mobile Phone number

Alternative phone number

Current Passport number

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