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Passport FAQ's 


1.How long does it take to have a BMD passport renewed? 4-6 weeks

2. What is the total cost? $355.00

3. What do I need?

4. Who should sign the backs of my pictures?

Any person who has known you personally longer than 2 years of significant stature i.e police office, JP, MP, Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Minister of Religion, Established Civil Servant etc

5. How many pictures do I need?

Two (2) Where one is to be stamped (“I certify that this is a true

likeness of...”) and signed by the signatory

6. Where do I get a voters identification card?

3rd Floor Craig Appin Building #8 Wesley Street Hamilton - 293-8683

7. Do you offer any family processing discounts?

Of course, we can offer a 10% discount off the processing fee for a family of 3 or more members.

8. How do I get started? Visit us at 54 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Or call us at 824 7632 or email us here.


9. Where do I get a digital photo?

Any of the providers ie. Kit n Caboodle or Mall Studio will be able to send to us via email a digital photo.

10. How long does it take to get a new UK passport? 4-6 weeks

11. What satisfies "As Proof of Residence"?

Letter from Parliamentary Registrar's Office, Belco bill - please make sure the addresses are consistent, Voters Registration Card

12. Am I able to work in the UK with a UK passport?

At this time, you can live and work in the UK free of any immigration controls if holding a UK passport and recognised as a UK citizen.

13. Am I able to freely travel through Europe with a UK passport?

At this time, as the holder of a UK passport, where derived through your status as a BOTC, you are able to travel freely throughout Europe.

14. When travelling, which passport should I use?

Generally, most BOTC's use their BOTC passport for North American travel and their UK passport for all international travel. Where the UK passport is the stronger passport, we generally encourage that you travel with both particularly given the ongoing issues incurred by some travellers with the new BOTC issued passports. 

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