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  •  What contracts do I need to put a caregiver in place?   At a minimum, you need to have a comprehensive employment contract which should cover terms of employment.   Should generally cover items like: hours of work, established days of rest, live or live out status, pay, treatment of overtime,  benefits.    Generally, it should also consider what used to be discretionary items such as: a food allowance, travel benefit / gift, telecommunications perks.  And we also suggest it capture employer expectations reflecting more modern day challenges such as:   use of social media, use of mobile devices during the day, visitors to the home, covid protections etc.     Email us if you need help putting a contract in place. 

  •  How does "live in" affect pricing?There is about a $700 - $800 monthly allowance or differential attributed to live in vs. live out pricing.   Where the live in benefit generally includes a furnished room, a separate wash room, all aspects of room and board eg. utilities, water and of course wi - fi.

  •  What is the "food allowance?" This has become a popular and "standard" element of many live in contracts and simply reflects the fact that live in carers may enjoy different cultural foods.  The cost of such foods or an allowance for which is sometimes included in contract.   Usually $50 - $75 weekly. 

  • What other perks should be considered?   Mobile phone, Travel Benefit 

  • What happens when my mom passes?   The inevitability of your loved one passing should be written into the contract as this is where there is very often material differences in expectation.   Reasonably the contract should reflect that benefits / housing should extend for 30 days after mom or your loved one passes.   While timing will be difficult, the family should move quickly to support the caregiver with a reference letter or the support required to find another family. 

  • Do I issue a release letter ? Policy was changed about 3 years ago, and policy does not require the issuance of a "release" letter.  Particularly where the caregiver, on work permit, has been in Bermuda for more than 2 years. 

  • Male or female caregiver ? Does it make a difference?   No it does not really given the equal numbers of both supporting the medical / nursing profession in 2020.  Many families prefer males carers where mobility is an issue or given safety concerns where mom lives alone. 
  1. What benefits are payable? 

Finding A Caregiver 

Through TCG Placements, we provide a comprehensive  caregiver recruitment and placement service.    Given an extensive group network, TCG Placements effectively sources and vets qualified Nannies and Caregivers for direct placement in Bermuda, Cayman and Canada.  With an exceptionally qualified  cadre of caregivers on staff supporting the relief needs of our clients and Bermuda's most discerning guest families. 

If this is your first time considering having a full time caregiver, you can either be the employer and have your own caregiver where we simply handle the paperwork or you can use an Agency and contract fully the services of a dedicated caregiver.     This page assumes that YOU are the direct employer.   Greater upfront cost, but lower ongoing cost generally, albeit with the employee administration.   


With 4 full time immigration and placement Consultants and registration as an authorised placement agency for Filipino caregivers, we assist families with the management of the recruitment, work permit and onboarding process.   Flat pricing includes the following services:


  • RG Job Ad Design & Placement
  • Bermuda Job Board Ad Design & Placement
  • Management of recruitment process for a suitably qualified Caregiver consistent with medical and family guidance / care requirements
  • Receipt and collation of all applications
  • 1st stage & Short List screening & interviews
  • Reference Checks & Credentials Verification
  • Employment Contract Preparation & Execution
  • Preparation and submission of a compliant work permit application, as required & management of the process, 


  • Once approved, execution of all foreign agency "direct hire" requirements / filing with foreign agencies and visa clearance where required.    Learn more about the process when hiring a Filipino directly from the Philippines here.   (Supplemental Charges to apply for fees payable directly to Philippines agencies / authorities) 
  • Onboarding services to include travel itinerary construction, accommodation planning, Bermuda orientation


  • Registration & Employer Set Up at Department of Social Insurance
  • Registration & Employer Set Up at Health Insurance Department
  • FutureCare PCB Account Set Up, where required
  • Payroll Tax Waiver Application, as applicable


  • Application & Registration with National Office for Ageing & Disability Services
  • Application & Registration with FutureCare

To meet any of the Caregivers available to your family within the next 60 days, please complete the questionaire on this page and we will forward further information to you and set up an introduction. 

Trusted.  Experienced. Caring. 


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Bermuda / BOTC Passport Questionnaire 


Please answer all questions as we prepare your digital BOTC passport application.

What type of passport are you applying for?*

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Mother's full name*

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Nationality and citizenship at the time of applicant's birth*

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Date of issue

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Nationality and citizenship at the time of applicant's birth*

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Has the applicant been granted a certificate of registration or naturalization?*

If yes, give date of issue, Certificate number and place of issue

Countersignatury's Full Name

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How long have they known you, and under what capacity?

Countersignatory's employer and the address they work at


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Current Passport number

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