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Bermuda Immigration & Protection Act Amendment Act 2020

Commonly referred to as the "Repatriation & Mixed Status Families" Bill, this legislation (passed in March 2020) seeks to remove the immigration inconsistencies that occurs in many Bermuda resident families where one or more parents has Bermudian Status or holds a Permanent Resident's Certificate but a son, daughter, or spouse does not have either Bermudian Status or hold a PRC.   It goes further to award PRC status to the eligible spouses of PRC holders. 

With effect September 15, 2020, the Bermuda Department of Immigration began receiving the applications of persons who rightfully should call Bermuda home.   However, the window is limited - where applicants have until August 2022 to submit such an application.      As a Consultant, understand that we will charge a comprehensive, flat consultancy fee which we will confirm and have accepted by you before we start work.   

It must go without saying - all details shared with us via this secure virtual platform are completely confidential and will not be disclosed to any  third party.    Now - tell us how we can help.

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