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R E C R U I T M E N T  S E R V I C E S   

We do the heavy lifting. 

With the support of an expansive recruitment network, Catalyst is able to source qualified, vetted candidates meeting Employer requirements.   Each candidate undertakes a rigorous interview / vetting process prior to an interview with the employer.  

Where the candidate is off island, we will support the interview via a zoom call at a time convenient to the busy schedule of the Bermuda employer. 

Where we fully stand behind each referral, we guarantee each placement.  If the candidate does not survive the 6 month period of probation, we will refund 50% of the placement fee associated with the placement or offer an alternate candidate at no additional cost. 

Catalyst.   Innovative.  Invested.    Indispensable. 

Find our recruitment terms & conditions here.   Then send the job description of the position you are seeking to fill to us via email. 

Recruitment. Immigration. Onboarding.    

Bundled Support.

Once our client has identified the resource fitting job specifications, and where the candidate requires Bermuda Department of Immigration approval, our work permit administration team takes over, and will work directly with the candidate to collate the required documents for a compliant work permit application submission. 

Where the collation process generally takes about 2-3 weeks, we are able to submit a compliant work permit application no more than 3 weeks from the date of candidate selection.      We will review the final submission with the client, instruct the direct DOI payment and submit the file for consideration within 2 business days of a complete file.   

Travel & Onboarding

At the receipt of a valid work permit, the Onboarding team goes into overdrive to organize a compliant travel itinerary, arrange PCR testing as required, get relevant UK and US travel visas, and support the search for accommodation once on island.      This is a supplemental service available at a fixed rate per candidate. 

In the case of the onboarding of caregivers for private families, we can manage the registrations of the new employee with HIP, the Department of Social Insurance and submit the Payroll Tax registration, if required, on the behalf of the client.   Local agency registration is a supplemental service available at a fixed rate per candidate.

From beginning to end, recruitment to final Bermuda onboarding, our dedicated team takes the pain out of recruitment.     

With standard office hours which extend to include Saturdays, with full 24 / 7 support at - the go-to resource for both employers and job seekers alike.   Find forms, useful links and regular business and policy updates impacting local employment. 


Time is money.

To get started, call us today @ 295 5533

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