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S C H O O L I N G   I N   B E R M U D A  

New Bermuda residents  with school aged children have an important choice to make relevant to the best education choices for their children. The public school network is comprised of elementary schools, then middle school then 2 mega schools which offer a Cambridge based program.   The public education system is free and equally available to both the local population and non Bermudians and to our guest families.   There are 4 private schools that also support a well developed academic infrastructure:   Mount St. Agnes Academy,  Warwick Academy, Somersfield Academy, Saltus Grammar and The Bermuda Institute.  There are also a number of home schooling supportive programs which offer art, sports and other social programs for children 4 through 16 - the legal age of mandatory education.  

Overview:  The Public School System vs. The Private School School System

The public school system is comprised of primary school, middle school and then senior or high school. There are a total of 2.000 children in the public school system and graduates of the system earn a Bermuda Secondary School Certificate. Since May 2010 the Bermuda Public School System has adopted the UK's Cambridge International Curriculum as the basis for teaching English, Mathematics and Science in the government primary, middle and senior schools. The Cambridge Curriculum has four phases, each of which dove-tails into the next, beginning with Primary (age 5-11), Lower Secondary (11-14, equivalent to a Bermuda Middle School). Middle Secondary (14-16, equivalent to S1 and S2) and Upper Secondary (16-19).At the middle school level, children will have the opportunity to sit GCSE's. More recently, the public education system has struggled to produce the calibre of graduates as required by Bermuda's relatively sophisticated offshore business industry. There has been a certain migration to the private school space for both Bermudian and non-Bermudian resident families. The current Education Minister has recently announced a massive re-structuring of the system which will be effective as of September 2022. The junior and middle schools are littered about the island and residents must attend the school within his / her district. Both senior schools are centrally located and between the two campuses, there are 700 + students.

Local private or independent schools have a fundamentally different educational philosophy and a much higher standard overall than local public schools. Students are trained to sit for and pass American, British, Canadian and European university qualifying programs which are internationally recognized. Several also offer an additional year, a Grade 13 equivalent, for academically gifted students to enter university with the equivalent of a sophomore year achieved. These schools charge tuition costing thousands of dollars a year per student. Nevertheless, all are running at full capacity and several have substantial waiting lists.

Private:  Saltus Grammar School 

Saltus Grammar School is one of the oldest private schools in Bermuda.   Up until about 15 years ago, it was a boys only school but has aggressively invited girls into Saltus and has made impressive attempts to have both its faculty and student population to better reflect the social demographics of Bermuda. Saltus consistently delivers top tier academic results; offers a IB program and its graduating class generally receive acceptances at the top universities in the UK, Canada and the US.     The Saltus curriculum is largely UK driven.    Centrally located on the outskirts of Hamilton with a very large, sprawling physical campus which includes courts, large playing field and olympic sized swimming pool.    Modern, exceptionally maintained state of the art facility.   Annual tuition and fees approximately $25K.  


Private: Somersfield Academy 

It was initially founded as a Montessori school for ages 3-12 years in 1991.   IB Middle Years Program was setup in 2001. There are over 450 students and 50 faculty.  Somersfield has matured and has developed a very strong academic reputation, and most recently established its own IB program. Socially, Somersfield reflects more liberal social philosophies and to a greater extent, incorporates non traditional teaching methods into its teaching methods.   More rounded approach.   Located central of island - Middle Road, Devonshire.



Private:  Mount St. Agnes Academy

Smaller, privately managed Christian school - Roman Catholic.  Follows the Alberta curriculum where most graduates go on to finish schooling in Canada.   School demographic generally reflective of Bermuda's racial make up but has a slightly higher Portuguese population.   Relatively smaller campus in the heart of Hamilton.  Annual tuition:  $19K.

Private:   Warwick Academy 

Balanced demographic.   Rounded approach to education to capture arts, sports to a signficant degree.   Located in Warwick, Bermuda - which would be a 90 minutes round trip for the family based east of Hamilton during morning rush hour!    Excellent reputation.  Bit more laid back.  Was once a public school that converted to a private school.  Managed by a Board of Governors comprised of former students.   Annual tuition: $22K.

Private: Bermuda High School for Girls 

Empowering Girls Only.   Boys only welcomed at the IB level.   Bermuda High School has a rich legacy of delivering at an exceptional level. 

Sprawling facilities located on the periphery of Hamilton.   100% graduation rates;   Close to 100% of the graduation class goes onto university.  Very strong academic focus.    Annual tuition:   $23.5K. 


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