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Bermuda Standard Work Permit Application (Input Form For Employer)

Please complete all fields of this work permit application.   This is an input page only where the full DOI application will be completed electronically based on the information presented here.   We can receive supporting documentation electronically, and have you submit electronically a scanned signature upon your approval of the full application.   

Full & Proper Name of the Business as it appears on company registration and/or DOI records: *


Contact Person for immigration matters: *

Email Address*

Mobile No:*

Company Registered Address:*

Office No:*

Applicant / Employee Name:*

Type of Application:*

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Job Title / as it appears on WP / RG Ad:*

RG / Job Board Ad Content:

What is hourly / weekly base rate:

What are the standard work hours?

What is the paid sick leave?

What is the probationary period?

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Termination Notice Period for EMPLOYER is:

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Termination Notice Period by EMPLOYEE is:

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What are the paid vacation days?

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Further support required:

Have you used an Agent before?

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