UK Visa - Requirements:

  • UK Visa Questionaire (please complete below) or   return the attached hard copy
  • Original valid passport
  • All previous passports
  • Original Bermuda Work Permit Card (must be a valid, unexpired work permit)
  • Employment Certificate (on company letterhead)
  • Bank Statements (3-6 months) demonstrating financial ability to travel
  • Sponsor Letter - UK Person (if applicable)
  • Evidence of relationship with sponsor, if applicable
  • Intended travel Itinerary (TCG can assist)
  • Digital Photo

What are the Fees:

  • UK Biometrics Fee: $272.00
  • Visitor / 6 mos $125.00
  • 2 Year $471
  • 5 Year $855
  • 10 Year $1073
  • TCG Assistance Fee:   $400 including digital photo @PTECH

Terms & Conditions:

50% of Assistance Fee at Registration:

50% of fee on day before Appointment

No guarantees that visa will be granted ; All applications are made on a best effort basis

Earliest appointments:   12 January 2023

To proceed?

Please complete the online questionaire below.

We will assess your application and confirm an appointment with you if we think your application will be successful.

How long will it take?

Generally it will take 3-4 week after the appointment.  

Do not plan any travel for at least 8 weeks to be sure.

Where do we submit the biometrics? 

At the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. 

O N L I N E   U K  V I S A   I N T A K E 

Please answer all questions as we prepare your UK Visa application.   

Intake Submitted by; *
Intake Type
I am applying for a: *
Are you now or have you ever been known by another name?*
What is the ownership status of your home?*
Relationship status
(If applicable)
(If applicable)
What permission do you have in Bermuda?
Do you have another income or any savings?
For other regular income - What kind of other regular income do you have?
This includes any costs being paid by an employer or a company , or if you are being given any money.
Date you will arrive in the UK
We may have to talk to you about your application. Which language would you prefer to use?
What is the main reason for your visit to the UK?
What is the main reason for your holiday visit to the UK?
Do they currently live with you?
Will they be travelling with you to the UK?
Does anyone rely on you for financial support?
This could include : Children under 18. Children over 18 who live with you at home. Children you look after all the time. Older relatives who need you for accommodation or other support.
( Details of your father)
What is this person's relationship to you?
Have they always had the same nationality?
What is this person's relationship to you?
Have they always had the same nationality?
Do you have any family in the UK?
This includes : immediate family - such as spouse , civil partner , parents or children. Grandparents or grandchildren. Your spouse or civil partner's family. Your child's Spouse, civil partner or partner. Your partner, if you have lived with them for 2 out of the last 3 years.
Will you be travelling to the UK as part of an organized group?
This includes travel companies or sports , work, or study groups
Will you be travelling to the UK with someone who is not your partner, spouse , or dependant ?
If you are travelling with more than one person, you only need to list one name Given name:
Do you have an address for where you are going to stay in the UK?
If you do not have an address for your accommodation, select No and on the next page give details of what you intend to do.
If you are staying with friends, other relatives , or in another person's home, give their full name.
This must be in the UK: Address Town/ City Postal code
Will you be staying anywhere else in the UK?
How many times have you been to the UK in the last 10 years?
Have you been issued with a UK visa in the past 10 years?
How many times have you visited Australia in the past 10 Years?
How many times have you visited Canada in the past 10 Years?
How many times have you visited New Zealand in the past 10 Years?
How many times have you visited USA in the past 10 Years?
How many times have you visited Schengen Ares in the past 10 Years?
What was the reason for your visit?
This is about your second most recent visit to either Australia, Canada , New Zealand , USA or the Schengen area. Which country did you visit?
What was the reason for your visit?
What was the reason for your visit?
Any other visit
Have you visited any other countries in the past 10 years?
Have you ever been:
Have you ever been:
Give details of any time you were refused a visa or had to leave a country ( other than the UK) for any reason.
At any time have you ever had any of the following, in the UK or in another country?
You must tell us about spent as well as unspent convictions
In either peace or war time have you ever been involved in , or suspected of involvement in, war crimes , crimes against humanity, or genocide?
Have you ever been involved in , supported or encouraged terrorist activities in any country?
Have you, by any means or medium, expressed views that justify or glorify terrorist violence or that may encourage others to commit terrorist or other serious criminal acts?
Tell us about work for the following types of organization. Include information for any paid or unpaid or work for the type of organization below. You can select more than one option.
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Thank you! Your questionaire responses were sent successfully. Our office will be in contact with you within the next 24 hours to confirm your submission & biometric appointment scheduling. Thank you.

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